Light affects.

One of the leading Swiss companies in the field of lasers and laser protection!

For several years we have been focusing on products for laser protection as well as optical components and flash lamps for all laser models and IPL devices. New applications, such as UV disinfection of our breathing air in connection with Covid-19 viruses or biostimulation for the regeneration of reduced functioning cells and tissues, complement our range.

Many of our valued customers from industry, commerce, research, medicine, cosmetics and other sectors already use the specific effect of light and matter for various applications.

Depending on the wavelength and intensity, the radiation reacts in different ways with matter and can therefore be used in various technical and medical applications.

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Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

In the case of focussed laser light or IPL, the effect is extremely high and requires special user knowledge and safe eye protection or even mobile or installed protective devices (protective windows, protective curtains).

For class 3 and 4 lasers, a safety officer must be appointed by the operator of the device.

A cross-section of some of the areas of application shows just how versatile the energy from lasers and IPL can be:

  • Industry and trade: welding, cutting, drilling, engraving

  • Research: laser spectroscopy, material sciences

  • Medicine and dentistry: cutting, ablating or vaporising tissue, sclerosing vessels

  • Medicine and cosmetics: hair, tattoo or pigment removal

  • and many other fields of application

UV-C Light

In the 1990s, in connection with the hole in the ozone layer, UV light became a dangerous form of radiation for

humans from which we need to protect ourselves. UV light is harmful to the eyes, skin and DNA.

Used correctly, however, UV-C light also kills viruses in the aerosols in the air within seconds and disinfects the air we breathe - without chemicals, risks or side effects for humans and animals.

Not only corona viruses and their mutants, but also other viruses such as influenza can be greatly reduced in our breathing air in this simple way.

The units are useful wherever several people are in enclosed spaces,
such as:

  • Waiting and treatment rooms in doctors' or dentists' surgeries, physiotherapies etc.

  • Bus, tram, train, cable cars or aeroplanes

  • Integrated in ventilation systems for entire buildings (shopping centres, companies ...)

  • Fitness studios, cinemas, theatres or restaurants

  • old people's homes, schoolrooms, kindergartens or day-care centres

  • Meeting or conference rooms

Biostimulation or LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)

If the energy is reduced and the focus of the laser beam is adjusted correctly, the coherent light has a stimulating effect on different molecules and functional centres of the body depending on the wavelength. Thus, when used by trained therapists, pain can be specifically alleviated or cells and tissues functionally stimulated and regenerated.

Some of the most common applications are:

  • Pain therapy

  • Promoting wound healing of chronic wounds

  • Promotion of wound healing after surgical interventions

  • Support after skin grafts for burns

  • Preventing and treating mucositis after chemotherapy

  • and many other areas of application

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