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In addition to our own products, we offer branded products from European and American manufacturers and therefore have a large network at our disposal. If you cannot find the product you are looking for on our homepage, simply contact us.

Contact us for individual advice.

UV-C desinfection

works against viruses such as corona, flu and others

Safe and simple without chemicals


or Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

painlessly regenerates cells and tissue

IPL safety goggles

Safety spectacles with automatic darkening after each flash

Plastic goggles with high wearing comfort

Laser safety goggles

for all wavelengths and power densities with mineral glass or polymer filter

also for spectacle wearers

Laser safety window

for all wavelengths and power densities made of mineral glass or polymer filters

cut to size

Laser safety systems

Mobile or installed systems such as curtains, screens or roller blinds

customised to measure

Flash and arc lamps IPL, xenon, UV-C lamps

for all scientific, industrial and medical devices

Precision optics

Laser rods new or repair, lenses, mirrors, protective glasses

anti- or reflective coating on request

Laser welding wire

Available in various alloys and diameters

Rolls or rods


Made of tungsten-copper TuCo 80/20

various diameters

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