Laser Protection Systems

Windows, curtains, roller blinds.

Laser protection systems
for all laser applications in industry and medicine

Reliable laser protection systems must not only meet the safety requirements at your workplace, but also be adapted to your processes and integrated into the local situation.

Only in this way can you simultaneously ensure the legal requirements for workplace safety with regard to laser protection and maintain efficient work processes.

  • Individual advice
  • Made to measure on request
  • DIN EN 12254 tested
  • DIN EN 60825-4 tested

We would be happy to visit you on site and advise you on the optimum solution without obligation.

Laser Protection Windows

Whether for a machine housing or another laser safety device - we offer customised solutions.

  • unbreakable polycarbonate / high-quality mineral glass
  • DIN EN 12254 and DIN EN 60825-4 tested
  • Made to measure - on request
  • Drill holes for screw mounting or mounting frame supplied - on request

The choice of protective filter depends on your laser and the required protection levels. We will be happy to advise you!

Laser safety curtains - room dividers - shields

The laser protection material consists of a special fabric that is coated on both sides with a synthetic coating in a complex process to ensure optimum protection.

Each of our laser safety curtains is customised and is adapted with care to individual customer requirements.

Material and properties

  • synthetic coating on both sides
  • tear resistant - flame resistant
  • EN 12254 tested
  • No eyelets (protection guarantee)
  • Warning notices - on request
  • EXIT symbol - on request

Positing system - protection at entrances

The special design allows easy entry without having to move the curtain.

  • EN 12254 tested
  • customised work on request
  • Gap-free protection when entering / exiting

Particularly suitable for rooms that are shielded as a whole and for the protection of bystanders.

Laser protection roller blinds

The space-efficient laser protection roller blind offers optimum protection for smaller windows and reflective surfaces. As the roller blind runs in guide rails, laser protection is permanently guaranteed during use.

  • EN 12254 tested
  • Customised on request
  • Optimum screening of smaller windows
  • Space-saving / visually unobtrusive
  • Operating options
    • chain
    • crank
    • motor

The roller blind box can be mounted on the ceiling, in the window recess or on the wall as shown in the picture.

Mobile laser safety device

Our mobile solution offers protection and flexibility wherever you need it. The stable aluminium device can be moved freely thanks to its castors and can be easily combined with other components.

  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Castors with locking option
  • Customised on request
  • Individual protective devices can be freely combined

Innovative and flexible systemes

We are also no strangers to unconventional solutions. For example, laser safety devices can also be attached to smooth surfaces with extra strong suction cups. Depending on the situation, these can be moved immediately.

We will be happy to advise you so that you receive the best possible protection for people and applications.

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