IPL Safety goggles

When safety counts

Intense Pulsed Light - Safety goggles

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a broadband pulsed light with high energy.

We offer various models of IPL safety goggles to protect you and your patients. Both the frame and the desired filter level can be customised.

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IPL safety goggles with automatic darkening

These innovative IPL safety goggles use a patented technology that darkens in less than half a millisecond (0.5 ms) after the IPL flash.

  • Darkening time after IPL flash = 0.5 ms
  • Immediate visibility directly after flash
  • Robust workmanship
  • Comfort pad for all-day wearing comfort
  • Test function for checking functionality
  • DIN EN 207

No need to take the spectacles on and off during treatment, which increases safety and productivity.

IPL safety goggles made of polycarbonate

The robust yet lightweight IPL safety goggles made of polycarbonate are available in various IPL filter strengths.

  • Shatterproof polycarbonate
  • Various spectacle frames available
  • Variant available for spectacle wearers (over-glasses)
  • Various filter levels available
  • DIN EN 207

We will be happy to offer you a selection that suits you best.

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