UV-C disinfection

Safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.

UV-C disinfection

Microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi spread via the air we breathe, often via aerosols. They can enter people's lungs with every breath. Closed rooms pose a particular risk here. Air disinfection can be a great advantage, especially in winter, when airing rooms is a disadvantage.

With tested and certified UV-C disinfection devices with sufficient energy, the room air is continuously circulated and the viruses, bacteria and fungi are killed within seconds, environmentally friendly without chemicals, residue-free and without maintenance work.

Our disinfection units draw in the contaminated air and pass it through a chamber with high-energy UV-C at 254 nm light. The disinfected air is then fed back into the room. It is not necessary to replace a HEPA filter.

Our UV-C disinfection devices are specially designed to carry out risk-free air disinfection. As there is no human contact with the radiation, it is completely safe for the eyes, skin and DNA.

Specifications of the UV-C disinfection devices:

  • Purification of 100 - 25,000 cubic metres of air (depending on the device)
  • Purification of 99% of all harmful viruses, bacteria and germs
  • Longlife technology (after 16,000 hours / 666 days of full-time use still over 90 per cent performance)
  • Low noise level
  • Maintenance-free
  • Specially designed against Covid-19 and influenza, among other things

Wall mounting

The Soluva® Air W disinfection unit is mounted on the wall and disinfects 100 to 400 cubic metres of air per hour, depending on the setting. In this way, the room air is continuously circulated and reliably disinfected.

The wall-mounted unit is therefore particularly suitable for small to medium-sized rooms such as

  • Daycare centres
  • classrooms
  • meeting rooms
  • Waiting and treatment rooms in surgeries
  • Operating theatres
  • Physiotherapies
  • Hairdressing salons etc.

Ceiling mounting

Soluva® Air M10 is the best solution for air disinfection with UV light in larger rooms where there is no ventilation system. The powerful device disinfects up to 1,100 cubic metres of air per hour.

The ceiling unit is therefore suitable for large rooms such as

  • Production halls
  • canteens
  • fitness studios
  • hotel foyers
  • lecture theatres
  • Theatres / cinemas
  • etc.

Integrated into ventilation systems

Soluva® Air D can be installed in new or existing ventilation systems for entire buildings or large halls. Also suitable for clean rooms and rooms with low temperatures.

With a circulation rate of up to 25,000 cubic metres of air per hour, this installation is particularly suitable for buildings such as:

  • Shopping centres,
  • airports,
  • universities
  • office buildings

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